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Helping Senior Living Communities Improve Quality of Care

As a senior living professional, you strive to deliver programs that help your facilities enhance the quality of life and care for residents while boosting the level of engagement with their families, the community and your benefactors.

We can help you maintain brand consistency, build community relations, attract new patients and residents, engage residents, and their families and reduce operating costs.

Get started today. Connect with a healthcare expert to see how to improve communications with your stakeholders while reducing your total operating costs.

In Good Company

What Industry Is Saying

“Individuals and their families are the common threads—from beginning to end—of any health or healthcare experience. Engaging people as full partners in care is critical to designing a system that meets specific and individual patient and family needs.”
National Quality Forum

Patient Engagement

Regulatory and legislative initiatives have made patient engagement a central focus for payers and providers. It’s the focus of Taylor Healthcare, too. That’s why we created EngagingPatients.org where patients, advocates and providers from across the continuum of care can share insights and best practices. We invite you to follow us.

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Patient education management - young woman with elderly mother

Improving the Patient and Resident Experience

Patient and resident experiences are shaped by encounters within a healthcare organization. Nurses. Social Workers. Physicians. Therapists. Activity Directors. Each directly or indirectly touches the resident or patient, and each has an opportunity to make an impression. We can help create a culture of engaged employees who are informed, aligned and prepared by providing easy access to the materials that support positive interactions.

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