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Customer Notifications and Reminders

Deliver First-Class Communications

Engage customers and increase the effectiveness of notifications and reminders. Let Taylor Communications show how design, data, delivery and feedback impact results.

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Efficient and Effective

Streamline Customer Communications

On-time, cost effective customer notifications delivery is a must. One that can be best achieved through design expertise and a system of direct mail and electronic distribution with integrated delivery tracking and reporting. 

Timely delivery of notifications is only the first step to gaining the customer's attention. The message matters. Adding relevant, personalized messages into the notifications increases customer satisfaction, loyalty and response rates. See how The Washington Post delivered results.

The Washington Post Case Study

Dynamic Distribution

Moving Messages

Create, print and mail, or electronically distribute a wide variety of notices and reminders including SMS reminders. We have interactive voice messaging capabilities for a personal touch.
  • Non-sufficient funds notices
  • Past due notices and collection letters
  • Privacy notices and policy announcement
  • Financial assistance and compliance mailings
  • Service scheduling reminders
  • Branch / store opening announcements
  • Name change notifications
  • Patient appointment reminders
  • Parking guides and maps

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Personalized Notifications

Enhanced Customer Experience

Norwegian Cruise Line, one of the leading cruise lines in the world, knows that a superior customer experience starts from the very first encounter, even before the customers are aboard the ship. While most cruise companies are providing the necessary materials to get their passengers on the ship, our company and Norwegian Cruise Line have expanded on that idea, providing onboard materials to maximize the passenger experience, while saving printing and postage costs.

See how Norwegian Cruise Line delivered the best vacation experience.

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Data Privacy and Security

Data Security and Privacy

Everyday Fortune 500 companies trust us to uphold critical policies, practices and standards required to ensure data security, privacy and business continuity. In-depth experience in billing services includes:
  • ISO 27001
  • SSAE 16
  • FISM
  • MA 210 CMR
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With vast fulfillment programs from routine supplies replenishment to seasonal campaigns and special opt-in promotions, companies like Rita's Italian Ice spend more time developing campaigns that build traffic and less time managing the myriad of campaign details. Rest assured with:
  • Timely, accurate shipments
  • Excellent customer service
  • Enhanced franchisee satisfaction
  • Increased ROI
Read Rita's Italian Ice Case Study
SMARTworks Content Distribution Platform

SMARTworks Content Distribution Platform

With over 1 million users and 10,000 orders a day, SMARTworks® is a platform for managing content that directly connects with back-end operations for production and cross-channel distribution online and offline. Features include:
  • Flexible and configurable platform
  • CRM integration and reporting features
  • Dynamic/variable template options
  • Approval process and workflow
Power-up Productivity with SMARTworks Content Distribution Platform

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