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Integrated Billing Services

Billing at Its Best

Increase customer adoption rate for e-billing and reduce days sales outstanding (DSOs). Let Taylor Communications show how design, data, delivery and feedback impact results in statement processing and production.

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Billing Building Blocks

Foundation for First-Class Service

It's more than just "collecting the cash", right? If bills are an Achilles' heel, see how we can help determine what to do next. Turn cumbersome billing processes into streamlined messages that provoke customers to act. Leverage the four building blocks to meet monetary mandates, while enhancing ROI and customer engagement.
Design: Layout architecture and content.
Data: Information collected, stored, managed and then processed.
Delivery: Various delivery methods based on customer preference.
Feedback: Customer input that confirms receipt, action and campaign success.

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Influence Behavior

Customer-Centric Design & Delivery

Paying bills is not at the top of most customers “fun things to do" list.  Presenting well designed billing documents and understanding customer preferences can go a long way toward making bill paying less of a chore. Customer-centric designs that use color, graphics and integrated marketing messages demonstrate customer intimacy and improve satisfaction. Catering to customers' delivery preferences including print, electronic presentment (email and web) and mobile greatly increases response rates. Those who use ebills pay 60% faster than those who don't. Together design and delivery can positively influence customer behavior.

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Get Paid Faster

Improve Cash Flow & Revenue

Develop a strategy that connects the billing process with up-sell and cross-sell opportunists. We work with various departments to analyze current processes to develop a multi-channel solution. From programming through color digital imaging, lettershop services, mailing (or electronic presentment) and tracking, all aspects of the billing program can be managed.
  • Online billing portal for bill presentment
  • Full fidelity view for customer service
  • Maximum postal discounts & mail certification
  • Mirrored print & mail facilities for continuity
  • PCI compliant and SSAE 16 certification
  • Camera and scanner technology

Shop Capabilities

Customer Notifications

Customer Notifications

By combining intelligent document design and secure data integration with decades of distribution experience, we provide accurate statements various industries.
Personalized Notifications to enhance the customer experience.
Billing Building Blocks include design, data, deliver and feedback.
Dynamic Distribution proven to move messages.
Create, print and mail, or electronically distribute a variety of notices and reminders.
Deliver First-Class Service
SMARTworks Content Distribution Platform

SMARTworks Content Distribution Platform

With over 1 million users and 10,000 orders a day, SMARTworks® is a platform for managing content that directly connects with back-end operations for production and cross-channel distribution online and offline. Features include:
  • Flexible and configurable platform
  • CRM integration and reporting features
  • Dynamic/variable template options
  • Approval process and workflow
Power-up Productivity with SMARTworks Content Distribution Platform
Data Privacy and Security

Data Security and Privacy

Everyday Fortune 500 companies trust us to uphold critical policies, practices and standards required to ensure data security, privacy and business continuity. In-depth experience in billing services includes:
  • ISO 27001
  • SSAE 16
  • FISM
  • MA 210 CMR
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