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Patient Communication Boards

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Display essential patient information within a patient’s room or throughout the facility with these durable and customizable patient communication boards.

Drive patient and family engagement. Order today.

Best Practices

Patient Communication Boards

Adopted by nearly all healthcare organizations today, hourly rounding as standard practice enables caregivers to communicate essential patient information that improves patient safety and satisfaction. This practice ensures that every patient is checked at least once every hour, increasing patient satisfaction while decreasing patient call bells and potential risks. Best practices include:

  • Consistent template
  • Accountable nurses
  • Available dry erase pens

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The Difference is Clear

Form, Function, and Financial

With the patent-pending design, the system incorporates a backer that is permanently mounted to the wall, a pre-printed poster and clear acrylic face that acts as a dry-erase surface. Healthcare organizations can update current information as it evolves and nurses can communicate with patients.

  • Aesthetic – Clean, modern look
  • Legible – Clear, non-ghosting attributes
  • Safe – Durable design with rounded corners
  • Functional – Quick design flexibility
  • Cost-effective – Smart investment

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More Than Rounds

Customizable Flexiblity

Hospitals are not only using the patient communication boards for pain and care charts, many hospitals are customizing their boards to display other communications.

Consider the following uses:

  • Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities
  • Inspection Ratings
  • Scheduling
  • Labor Laws
  • OSHA

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Product Description

Patient Communication Boards incorporate a backer that is permanently mounted to the wall, a pre-printed poster and clear acrylic face that acts as a dry-erase surface. With flexibility to change the content on the poster instead of ordering a whole new board, communication boards are a long-term solution for healthcare organizations. Applications for communication boards include pain and care charts, patients’ rights and responsibilities, scheduling, and inspection ratings.

“Our clinical staff is very pleased with the new communication boards installed in the postpartum patient rooms. They are clear, easy to clean and less expensive than glass boards on the market.”
Program Manager, Facilities Planning, Design & Construction, Major Southwest Hospital System

Patient Communication Boards


  • Patent pending display system made with a polymetal surface and an acrylic face
  • Pre-printed poster allows organizations to make quick changes to content
  • Easier to clean than other glass boards on the market
  • Two types of secure wall-mounting features: Flushed (flat against the wall & standing) and Protruding (out from the wall)


  • Positively impact patient engagement and satisfaction
  • Improve and ensure patient safety
  • Drive family engagement and education
  • Ensure standardization
  • Decrease patient call bells and patient risk

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